Sound Production

When it comes to sound production, sound recording is an intricate art that demands a great deal of experience and skill to achieve the best possible results. At Sonogramme, we are proud to have over 30 years of experience in sound engineering and design for various industries such as operas, symphony concerts, and media.

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals including sound engineers, wedging specialists, network managers, and others who work cohesively to create a seamless interface between music and technology.

We take pride in our expertise in microphone technology and have developed top-quality models under the Microgram brand. In addition, we have also restored and enhanced legendary microphones such as the Neumann M49, U47, SM2, Brauner VM1, and Schoeps that have played a pivotal role in some of the most beautiful sound recordings in history.

Sonogramme provides its expertise in the following services :
  • acoustic sound recording
  • sound engineering and artistic direction

You can count on :

  • a team of experienced sound engineers and artistic directors,
  • a high-quality mobile recording studio,
  • and a post-production cabin for editing and mixing.

Sonogramme pays particular attention to the microphones used in :

  • The development and manufacturing of microphones of very high sound quality MICROGRAM
  • The restoration and improvement of “vintage” microphones wich provide the most beautiful recordings (NEUMANN and BRAUNER)

References :

  • Opéra national de Paris-Bastille,
  • record labels such as Didier Jeunesse, Billaudot, Sonogramme, and Jean-Pierre Rampal,
  • festivals like Aix en Provence, Philharmonie de Paris, Juventus, and les musicales de Cambrai. We have also worked with television and cinema productions like Le Cri, La Très Excellente et Divertissante Histoire de François Rabelais (Hervé Baslé, France Télévisions), and L’Exercice de l’État (Pierre Schoeller, Canal+).

Rewards :

Our dedication to excellence has earned us several awards, including the Prix de l’Académie Charles-Cros in 2006 and 2011 and the Orphée d’Or de l’Académie du disque lyrique in 2012.

References and awards :

  • Opéra national de Paris Bastille : broadcasting audiovisual recordings (opera and symphonic concert)
  • Discographic labels : Didier Jeunesse editions, Billaudot editions, editions
    Sonogramme, Jean-Pierre Rampal editions etc…
  • Festivals : Aix en Provence, Philarmonie de Paris, Juventus, Cambrai musicals
  • Television and cinema : France Télévisions, films “Le Cri,” “Rabelais,” directed by Hervé Baslé, Arte “Max Jacob”, Canal – “The Exercise of The State,” directed by Pierre Schoeller
  • Professional Awards :
    *two prices prix Charles Cros (2006 and 2011)
    *price Orphées d’Or de l’Académie Nationale du Disque Lyrique (2012)
  • Publications :
    Writing and illustrating the first chapter of volume 3 of the Classical sound techniques conducted by Denis Mercier at DUNOD (5th edition)

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